Texas Johnny Boy



If you are looking for a band that knows how to control the volume,  thank you for coming to the right place.  I am Texas Johnny Boy.  I make my full time living as a musician with my own band.   

I do a tremendous amount of private parties and corporate shows. I work at many area restaurants and night clubs and have built up a sizeable advertising email list. I normally perform as a four piece band and I perform as a 2 to a 10 piece band with full horn section too. My band can play very loud but we can play the same exact music at an extremely low volume.   

If in front of us there’s a restaurant full of people eating dinner (some of them being only 3 feet away) they can enjoy their dinner, cocktails and conversations without being interrupted.  It’s what I call “knowing how to work the room”. At nightclubs and large outdoor theaters we will play much louder.  

I hire many different musicians to work in my band. For each job, I pick the players that I know will work best for the event.  How we dress depends on the type of special event we are doing.  Normally, I like the band to dress sharp. I do shows all over Texas (mostly the Houston area, as I live here) and in other cities, states and countries. 

Being a multi-instrumentalist allows me to cover a lot of ground in old school Rhythm & Blues music. I am primarily a vocalist and I play harmonica, flute and saxophones. I like to keep it entertaining and multi-dimensional. I love doing background music and I love it when it’s time to turn it up and party (whichever, you would like). Please go to the “videos” tab and take a look at a few louder shows.